Life Imitates Art!

Have you heard of The Panama Papers? The Paradise Papers? These are real life news stories highlighting the use of tax havens to hide wealth from taxing authorities. These havens were once synonymous with drug cartels and criminal organizations, but not anymore. Wealthy individuals and businesses now use these same tax havens.

My debut novel, The Cyprus Papers, was written about this exact subject. I wrote nearly the entire novel before the Panama Papers and the Paradise Papers became public knowledge. Life really does imitate art!

With wealth comes power. Does power corrupt? There’s certainly a high correlation. I used tax havens as the subject matter of my novel because the financial intrigue surrounding them is both fascinating and limitless for storytelling. I placed my protagonist, Emily, who is someone like you and me, in direct play with these corrupt individuals. Read how Emily reacted and evolved when she encountered these real life circumstances. Enjoy!

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